With the release of Saints Row: The Third it seemed unlikely that the series could get any crazier right? Wrong. Saints Row IV proves that Volition will never stop raising the bar. The game itself almost acts as a middle finger to all triple A games out there. From the non-stop humor, to the driven storyline, this game achieves it all. Although Saints Row IV abandons the street gang atmosphere found in the first two of the series, this game might have one of the best stories out of the entire series. If you felt a bit disoriented after the Saints Row: The Third, have no fear because these two games go hand in hand.

Saints Row: The Third seemed to cause a bit of confusion on the direction of the game and the story, so it’s no wonder that Volition was so eager and quick to release Saints Row IV soon after. The loose ends that are left hanging from the third game are satisfactorily tied up in the fourth game. Without giving too much away, you will see the return of many characters that you haven’t seen in a while. The integration of the new characters (especially Kinzie) was something that I can personally say I was worried about. Who could possibly outwit Johnny Gat or be the butt of every joke like Pierce? Well, the addition of the newer characters is something that eventually became detrimental to the game’s entertainment. It’s always scary when dramatic changes are applied to a favorite game or series, but the more you open your mind and go with the flow, the more fun you will have with this game.

Saints Row IV breaks any barriers or guidelines that you may have thought applied to making video games. A game that used to be a real-world sandbox shoot ‘em up has now been turned into something that resembles Crackdown and Destroy All Humans. Superpowers, alien guns, a simulated world, and playing in people’s minds, on paper, this game sounds like a jumbled mess of disappointment. I mean, combining aspects of games that have never before been compared to the Saints Row series sounds like it would be impossible to enjoy this game, right? Well, what fun is life without a few surprises? This game keeps the elements that had you falling in love with the Saints Row series as well as completely changing up some aspects of the game. Playing this game, you will find yourself immersed in a totally ridiculous storyline as well as embracing your super-powered customizable character in a virtual reality simulated world created by an alien overlord.

You might be able to tell by reading this that Saints Row has left some of it’s more serious traits in the dust. Well the truth of the matter is that this is true and false. Volition does a great job of creating a blank slate for the player. Want to embrace the humorous side of the game? Go crazy with the unlimited possibilities of the customization process of the game. Everything from who you play as to how you wreak havoc among the virtual version of Steelport is completely up to you. This aspect of the game has never left the series. If you want to find the fulfillment in the serious and driven parts of the game, well you can do that too. Create a character that fits the role of the story as your group’s leader, the President of the United States of America, and right hand man to each and every member or your crew. Saints Row IV has stayed true to its original goal of creating a game that’s sole purpose is to play to your discretion.
Whether you have been a fan of the series since the first release of Saints Row in 2006 or are just jumping in on the action today, there is one promise I can make you. You will have fun. If you want to get immersed in the world and story, or just shoot everything you see with the Dubstep Gun, you will have the time of your life doing it. This game has made a name for itself and separated itself from any other game out there. No longer can this game be compared to the Grand Theft Auto series as it cuts any relation it ever had to even being in the same genre with Saints Row IV. Volition took a huge risk with this game, and man did it pay off.

Have fun, and never stop playing!

Rating: 9.5/10

-Nic Cheatle

AuthorJordan Mohler