Crowd funding seems to be the new direction bands are taking in the industry to get albums out to fans. After successfully getting their new album funded (with nearly triple the amount asked for), Protest The Hero is ready to give the fans what they invested in months ago. Volition is well worth every dollar put into this record.

With so much going on in each song, it is hard to keep up with the relentless shredding and lightning fast riffs. Protest draws their influences from all their previous albums. They really have stuck true to their sound while stepping up their overall game. It will be hard to pick out a favorite on Volition. Each song has so much going on at once, it will take listeners a few times to really catch everything that is going on.

Rody Walker has stepped up his vocal melodies and range with this album, sounding much like an Iron Maiden vocal offspring. Guitar’s as usual are shredding and have a unique taste to each song. A concern of many fans was the departing of drummer, Moe Carlson, but rest assured Chris Adler absolutely kills it. There are no boring or “fill” in parts put into this album.

It is encouraging to hear a band really step out and create music with this level of technicality and creativity. Protest sounds very fresh compared to all other metal bands out there. There really isn’t anything bad I could point out with this record. The number of guest vocalists is unusual, but every guest spot aids each song in a specific way.

Protest The Hero raised the bar for themselves and for all bands in the metal genre. Pick up Volition on October 29 and lose your mind listening to one of the best metal bands of our time.