NK’s album “Nothing To Be Gained Here” brings a new and unique feel to the world on alternative rock.

With a modern White Stripes feel, it lets the listener relive the nostalgia of muffled radio vocals and a muffled guitar tone. Although the album lacks a certain fluidity and diversity, it still excites the listener enough to latch onto the band. Any fans of alternative rock/indie will enjoy the opener “Confessional” or “Customer”. These songs kick off the first part of the album by immediately introducing the attractive sound of NK.

Probably the most notable aspect of the bands style is the band’s harsh and imprecise vocals that are present throughout the entire album. Although “harsh and imprecise” may sound like a criticism, it’s actually a defining point of the band’s sound. A band that has a vocalist with a voice that resembles Jack White is a pretty good start. Although, the cluttered and very raw sound that this band preaches so profoundly only lasts until about the fifth track. Not to say that the album isn’t consistent, but the sound loses its initial attraction.

As stated before, this album comes off with a very raw sound. Although this keeps the album diverse in an overall sense, this sound isn’t something new to be heard throughout the genre. Many other bands have traveled down this beaten path and after the first four or five songs; the overall style becomes repetitive and boring.

This album is still definitely going to find its place with certain listeners. Any casual listeners of alternative rock will enjoy this record, but hardcore fans of the genre might find themselves disappointed by the end of the album as they have found themselves immersed in the style before. The song has strong songs like “Shoulder Gorilla” and “Vacation Days” and weak songs like “Television” and “Set A Fire”. Hopefully we can all see this band progress further and develop a more diverse sound, separating themselves from the other bands of this genre.

Rating: 7/10