It has been a long wait for a new album from the renowned metal masters of Misery Signals.

Their most recent album “Controller” was released back in 2008, now fast forward to present day, 2013 and we finally get a new album. Absent Light makes a statement and shows that even though the band took a five-year hiatus from album to album, their dynamic balance of heaviness, atmospheric instrumentals and brutal speed riffs will all join forces and kick your ass in a good ol’ Misery Signals fashion.

Right away the album kicks off with “A Glimmer of Hope” which may be Misery Signals lightest track ever, but listeners are quickly immersed into an atmospheric mirage of clean guitar and delays with a string of Karl Schubach’s deep growl vocals to follow at the end. This very much so sets the mood of the album once the song ends and kicks into their first single for the album, “Luminary” which is one of the most punishing tracks on the album, which means of course the end of this track includes a breakdown that will leave you with chills (and maybe a few broken bones).

Tracks such as “Lost Relics” and “The Shadow” stood out as true “Misery Signals” style songs. By no means makes these the best songs on the album, I believe each listener could find a different favorite from this album. With the addition of Greg Thomas on guitar the overall creativity, style and technicality of Misery Signals has expanded. Songs such as “Ursa Minor” and “Everything Will Rust” shows how diverse and dynamic they really can be. The way they have balanced brutal riffs with slow instrumentals and ambient guitars is simply intriguing. Pure genius if you ask me.

The flow overall is simply perfect and sensation to listeners. Not the mention Karl’s singing adds a very pleasant touch on a few of the tracks such as “Ursa Minor” and “Everything Will Rust”. Lyrically Karl touches on many personal topics such as greed, love and religion. The balance of the entire album should be something listeners appreciate. From start to finish this album has no weak spots, it’s just 11 tracks of pure beauty, hard work and creativity. Branden Morgan’s freakishly crazy talent of writing and performing such intricate and tasteful drum parts is heard on every singe song.

The combination of both guitarists Ryan Morgan and Gregory Thomas overpower this entire album with their infinite expansion of creativity on those six string. Even Kyle Johnson’s bass lines and grooves are hear throughout the album and will impress you. As usual, Karl Schubach’s vocals are top notch and I believe vocally this is his strongest effort and demonstration yet.

The band was able to stay true to their spastic sounds from “Of Malice and the Magnum Heart”, which adding the emotional drive and beauty of “Mirrors” and musical style of “Controllers” just ends up being one amazing masterpiece of an album. Misery Signals fans could not be disappointed in this album.