Liferuiner’s latest release “Future Revisionists” has proved to be a solid album to fit in the hardcore genre. Anyone looking for a new hardcore band to spice up their usual mix of things will enjoy the Parkway Drive/The Ghost Inside-esque style that Liferuiner represents. They have a very old-hardcore sound that will please any nostalgic listener of the genre. Songs like “Harvest Famine” will fully represent the bands melodic/hardcore sound with its screamy cleans and progressive guitar. This type of style can be heard consistently throughout the album with songs like their opener “Vacant”. This song starts the album off in a good direction, plunging the listener right into the sound that Liferuiner has created.

Once you get past the mediocre recording quality of the album, you will soon find that the punk beat verses and ambient guitar mirror a certain The Ghost Inside quality. Liferuiner creates the same atmosphere of honesty and encouragement that can be heard in The Ghost Inside’s “Get What You Give”. Though this is a compliment, Liferuiner isn’t 100% there yet. The band has a style that borderlines musical immaturity and professionalism. They have the song structure of a local band but the content that resembles masters of the genre. The vocals of the album are a bit monotone and some of the breakdowns will bore a listener after a while but overall this band has a unique potential in them. The ambient guitar, while not innovative, smoothly moves the album along. This certain instrumentation is done very well on the album and it keeps the listener entertained and mesmerized.

The closing song “Self Purgatory” ends the album off in a bang, leaving the listener in a daze. Though this band has a long way to go in terms of maturity and progression, so far “Future Revisionists” is something that I recommend be picked up if you are in need of a new sound. If you are a fan of The Ghost Inside or Parkway Drive you will probably enjoy this band’s latest release. Keep an eye on this band and what’s yet to come of their discography as the potential in “Future Revisionists” is very promising.

Rating 7.5/10