Less Thank Jake are one their 9th studio album (E.P’s included in that count) and they still don’t seem to have aged. Producing fun, sing-along, upbeat Ska Punk Rock, they prove that they are still just as great as they were seventeen years ago. Full of memorable, catchy tunes that seem suitable for almost any occasion, the band appear to have had a lot of fun making this album.

It has a great mix between beautiful vocals, brilliant Rock riffs, simple yet awesome drums, funky bass-lines and the excellent use of the saxophone, providing a lively album that is surely going to satisfy Ska and Rock fans a-like.

The wonderful spree of short songs begins with ‘Good Enough’, a short, catchy tune that shows you exactly what to expect from the album. The album is very similar in its sound but yet the funky catchiness keeps you listening. The opener has a lot of charm and helps kick-start an album that is a little refreshing in a world where Rock music seems to get more repetitive everyday. Tracks like ‘Jump’, ‘Do The Math’, John The Baptist Bones’, ‘The Troubles’, ‘Sunstroke’ and ‘Weekends All Year Long’ follow the opener and fill the album full with Rock riff heaven, great Punk Rock vocals, catchy drum beats, funky bass riffing and the refreshing catchiness of the saxophones that fill up the entire album. It’s amazing to listen to, with it changing between the funky verses and upbeat choruses. It’s a mix that works, with every-thing working in perfect harmony to create an album that never lets up and doesn’t appear to run out of steam.

It’s an intriguing, delightful little piece that keeps the listener engaged with its array of short, catchy tunes that remain consistent throughout the albums duration. It’s mixed, produced and mastered perfectly, with every little detail tweaked so every little thing is audible. It is a little slice of Ska heaven, stuff that matches the catchiness of Reel Big Fish and The Specials with the modern Rock twist. It’s one of the finest Rock albums this year and is refreshing from the vast array of Metal, Pop, Dance and Rap that dominates everywhere you seem to go.

Less Than Jake have created an album that is simplistic on the outside but down-right funky once you listen. The moment you press the play, the infectious rhythms and harmonies within the album take over and it becomes essential listening, something that is a rarity with most of the albums released this year. It doesn’t lose steam, it just continues with the time flying by so fast. It’s the kind of stuff to make people think back to high school days and is something that the younger generation can listen to and fall in love with the catchy little songs that help make this album dominate over most Rock albums released in the last ten years.

Something a little different, a little special, ‘See The Light’ is the perfect slice of Ska Punk heaven and is a highlight of this year. Let the catchiness of saxophones. bass lines, choruses and guitars ensure whilst you tap away to the beautiful drum beats. This is something purely wonderful.


- Asa

AuthorJordan Mohler