John Mayer’s newest album “Paradise Valley” opens with the song “Wildfire” which plunges straight into a country/acoustic sound with John Mayer’s trademark spin put on it. Listeners can find that they hear a softer Clapton style throughout the album, specifically with “Dear Marie” and “Call Me the Breeze”. This album is unlike any other of Mayer’s, but fans new and old will find themselves pleased as well as relaxed with the comforting sounds of this album. If you are looking for a hard rock album with bluesy guitar solos, this is not the album for you. Regardless, if you are a fan of Mayer’s, or want to be, this is an album that will not disappoint.

One song that can sum up the album’s overall sound is “Dear Marie”. This song has the acoustic feel of the album as well as the country style guitar. In all of these songs, listeners will find that Mayer’s vocals as well as his guitar style are really the concrete aspects of the album as they keep it sounding like the classic John Mayer sound that can be heard throughout his entire discography. In “Who You Love” the listener will hear more of a traditional John Mayer sound as well as the new spin that can be heard on every track on “Paradise Valley”.

Any fan of Mayer will find this album to be a great addition to an ever changing discography. The only downside to this album is that Mayer takes his sound in a different direction on this album. Although this isn’t a bad thing, you have to be a real fan of Mayer in order to enjoy this album. If you have only nonchalantly listened to his past material, this album may not be for you. “Paradise Valley” is a relaxing album, made for when you have downtime to sit back and enjoy life.

Although John Mayer has created songs like this in the past, this is the first album to have this laid back atmosphere throughout the whole album. Overall, this album is definitely something to check out if you are a diehard fan of Mayer, or enjoy the country/acoustic genre. These songs express many different emotions and themes that create a relaxing and very therapeutic sound that is easily definable as John Mayer.”

Rating: 9.5/10