INVSN’s (pronounced as invasion) debut album, the self-titled ‘INVSN’, is a kind of blast to the past. It has a retro vibe to it, mixing old-shcool Post-Hardcore, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock and even Post-Punk. The sound is soomthing smooth, upbeat and rather impressive. Boasting great work in all sectors, it is a downright impressive debut (in English anyway) for the new Rock-infused band that will only be bound to release even better albums in the future.

Kickstarting off on the opener ‘#61’, it gives a great vibe to the album, setting out the general feel that you’ll get when listening to it. It has some good riffs and some truly excellent vocals that is accompanied by solid bass-lines and tight drumming. It’s upbeat, infectious and makes your ears feel like they’re having multiple orgasms. It is beautiful with its simplistic yet stylish approach and pays off. Going through the album is a gand experience as your ears only get invited to listen to yet more beautiful, upbeat and infectious tracks. With infectious groove after astonishing riff, the album goes through the sleek and stylish tracks ‘The Promise’, ‘God Has Left Us Stranded’, ‘Our Blood’, ‘Distorted Heartbeat’ and the closing song, ‘Hate’. Now, don’t get me wrong, the song titles do not sound like your standard Rock song titles.

However, they are filled with infectious grooves and hooks that is only made more pleasurable to listen to due to the solid drumming and
intense bass-grooves that help to fill the album. All the tracks help offer something a little new whilst making sure to stick to their infectious Indie Rock roots that dominate throughout the album. It gives you great satisfaction after you’ve finished listening to it and you only want to replay the whole thing again, hoping that it gives you the same feel as it did the first time you listened to it. Let me assure you, it definitely does that making this an album to admire. Not often does an album maintain that sense of feeling that you got the first time you heard it but this one does, something rare in these modern times.

Enjoyable and well-crafted, this is something anyone can put on and liste to without kicking up a fuss. Catchy, sing-along styled songs add the greatness of the album, making it a wonderful and memorable experience to all whom dare listen to it. So that is the songs there, now time to talk production value. The production here is amazing, adding to the great feel on this album. It seems so slick and stylish, like a sleek piece of silk. Smooth and free-flowing, it is something that makes this album so memorable.

The way it is mixed makes everything sound tight and well-placed instead of being some form of mess. You can tell the band and producer have taken their time with this and have took a serious amount of effort to make it sound good. It’s like they poured their passion into it and it is something that they should all take pride in. It sounds thoroughly amazing and doesn’t let go of its juicy vibes, something I adore about the album. This is something rather damn special. Listen to it once and you’ll love it. Listen to it again and you’ll admire it. Listen to it a third time and you will absolutely adore this.

The influences are here, having sounds that seem like Joy Division to something in vain of Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Radiohead. It is sleek, smooth and flows excellently, creating a feel that is ever-present throughout. The emotions you will feel from this will only intensify as you listen more and more to the album. It is well-crafted and beautiful and is something that can be classed as a rare release in this modern age. I admire the record and hope for big things from this band. Listen to this, even if it is just the once, for it is well and truly a beautiful, amazing and infectious little masterpiece.


- Asa