With so many Metalcore bands showing up, it is hard to tell who might just be the next hot thing within the scene. Glass Cloud may be just one of those bands you need to keep an eye on. After their debut release in 2012, the band return with a new E.P, entitled ‘Perfect War Forever’. This isn’t something extremely surprising but yet it is darn good to listen to.

Opening with ‘Trapped Like Rats’, you get the genuine aesthetic of the album. It starts off like a typical Metalcore song, with heavy, down-tuned chugs, heavy bass, well-structured drumming and some great (and unique) vocals. But as you get into the song more, you realise that this is slightly different. The band appear to be importing some truly unique styles of Metal to create one of the more unique and original Metalcore experiences in recent years. The next three songs follow the same kind of pattern with all three of them being truly something to bare witness to. After the three tracks, ‘I Dug A Grave’, ‘How To Survive Suicide’ and ‘Soul Is Dead’, you reach closing track ‘Lilac’. This is the same affair as the other tracks, fitting for the E.P, thus making it consistent in its content.

The weird style of Metalcore here is something to behold and lust at, being a unique experience for the listener. This is full of chugs, weird riffs, hard-hitting bass, precise drumming and unique vocalization. Mixed out well to create a well balanced E.P, ‘Perfect War Forever’ is something that grabs you and won’t allow to let go.Great track quality and wonderful mixing help further push the E.P’s overall effect forward, leaving the listener astonished, for all the best reasons.

So, how to end this review… well, this is Metalcore at its finest and most weirdest. It is a five track love affair that intrigues and compels you, making you feel many different things when listening. It is something great but is something you need to witness yourself in order to see if this is something you will enjoy. This is not your standard Metalcore stuff but it doesn’t mean it is something for everyone. Listen, evaluate and decide yourself. Personally, I think this is a solid and well thought out effort, even if it does seem rather simplistic to the average listener. Listen to it, even just to one track, and decide for yourself. You may not be disappointed.


- Asa