As a fan of Dave Grohl, I was very excited to ear Ghost’s new EP, “If You Have Ghost”, which he recorded and produced. Unfortunately, I was not very impressed with the new EP. It has a total of 5 songs. One of which is a cover of the song “If You Have Ghosts” by Roky Erickson. This is the song inspiring the EP’s name. Another of the four songs is a live version of their song, Secular Haze. There were a few problems I had with the EP.

My favorite from the EP was the Roky Erickson cover, the other ones just didn’t appeal to me. The song “I’m a Marionette” has a very boring and empty chorus, while the verses are pretty good and full of life. I feel that Papa Emeritus’s vocals are pretty enthusiastic, and that he doesn’t have a vast vocal range, making the singing a bit dragging and generic.

The song “Crucified” has very annoying versus, having no singing, just whispers dark lyrics, kind of like a Haunted House actor. The most different song from the others is “If You Have Ghosts”, the other songs kind of blend together, all having dark lyrics and written similarly.

The album was fairly boring at times, but a bit of it was written decently, and having a unique sound. I personally didn’t like the singers voice and I felt  bored at times through the EP. I figured I would like a product of Dave Grohl, but it definitely wasn’t my cup of tea. Most of the songs are over five minutes too, making them get very interesting very quickly. I wouldn’t exactly recommend this album,but I could see many people liking their dark and unique sound  to all of their songs.


Chris Grieco

AuthorJordan Mohler