Death Ray Vision are a super-group founded in 2011 by current members of Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall and ex-members of Cannae and Overcast. Although not a hugely famous super-group, they have had a good underground following since their inception and are rather distant in terms of musical genre and style compared to their counter-part bands. The band are signed to Bullet Tooth records and are hugely influenced by acts such as Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, Crowbar, Entombed and At the Gates. Their new release, We Ain’t Leavin’ Till You’re Bleedin’, is an astonishing force of Hardcore Punk Metal mixed with elements of Death and Thrash. Consisting of 12 tracks but only running for just under 28 minutes, the bands aim is to make short but fast songs that assault the senses and this is an album that does everything they seem to aim to do in great fashion.

In terms of how the album sounds production wise, We Ain’t Leavin’ Till You’re Bleedin’ is gracefully mixed to fit the genre of music. With a great mix of vocals, bass, guitars and drums, the album is ripe with intensity and has a truly great sound that is raw and powerful without the bad quality recording value. With the title track being the opener for the album, it immediately allows you to get to terms with how the album is going to be throughout. If you’re a fan of Death Ray Vision then you would know what to expect. If, however, you’ve only just discovered them and this is your starting point, then this track will get you straight into how the band is.

With the album storming though track after track, the brutal assault from the band is uniquely balanced by the mastering of the album. With Brian Fair adding a great vocal contribution to the album with a great mix of Hardcore, Punk and Thrash riffs pouring from out of the Guitars that Zack Wells and Pete Cortese simultaneously thrash together with Bassist Mike Di’ Antonio adding beautiful bass-lines and Colin Conway giving us one heck of an excellent drum performance, it is apparent that Death Ray Vision was something that was meant to be.

As they pound through tracks ‘Barfly’, ‘Fuck Compromise’, ‘You Shallow Grave’ and ‘A Forest (Of Kegs)’, you can sense that each member is still adding just as much devotion to this project as to that of which they would if it was their normal bands. This is an album that features some explosive drumming that has some brilliantly timed blast-beats, some truly focused bass-lines and a great mixture of riffs from all sorts of Metal styles that is complimented greatly by one great mix of Punk and Hardcore vocals from Brian. It grips you the moment it plays and stays consistent throughout. Perfect mixing and great playing makes this something truly unique.

Although this is not something entirely new to Metal, Death Ray Vision would be a breath of fresh air for anyone annoyed of the seemingly repetitive strain of Metalcore and Deathcore bands that popular Metal seems to keep spewing out at an increasing pace. If you’re a fan of Hardcore, Punk or Thrash, then this is a real treat but if you’re yet to have heard of the band, than I strongly recommend that you at least give them a listen. 

A beautiful mix of different styles of Metal that is so perfectly crafted and greatly complimented by its amazing production, We Ain’t Leavin’ Till You’re Bleedin’ is a great piece of work that will keep fans of the band very satisfied and will be sure to attract a few new listeners. Although this isn’t the best album ever made, it is one which certainly stands out in 2013 and will be one that will sure leave a great, big, stupid looking grin on your face after you’ve finished listening to it.


-  Asa