Daft Punk’s much anticipated album “Random Access Memories” has turned out to be, for the most part, a success.

Despite the lulls scattered throughout the album, the band returns with their electronic/funk sound that will bring a smile to any face of a previous Daft Punk fan and will most likely entice new fans to the addictive sound of Daft Punk. Sounds of funk guitar, and slightly Michael Jackson-esque vocals are much more entertaining that it might seem. The album brings a very relaxed feel to the listener. I found myself battling between sitting back and enjoying the songs and getting up and dancing.
One song that especially sticks out is “Get Lucky”. This song was one of the first to be heard before the album dropped and it definitely sets the mood for this album. Although it’s hard to put a finger on this band and this album, this song sums up the sound that Daft Punk represents very well. Sporting catchy, natural vocals (in an album mixed with speaking, robotic singing, and tasteful auto-tune) that will make anyone sing along. Another song to check out would be the opener “Give Life Back to Music”. This song introduces the sound of the album accurately and gets listeners pumped for the rest of the songs.

Although this album is not a complete flop, there are some notable issues that come up throughout the album. One song in particular “Giorgio by Moroder” starts off in an interesting direction with spoken word throughout the song, but doesn’t reach any type of climax. For the first minute or so it’s a very cool song, but as the song goes on it doesn’t change too much. Other songs in the album have dead parts of just drums and funk guitar jamming around for minutes on end. This type of part in a song can be very fun to listen too, but many of the jam parts on this album drag on too long. Although these parts stick out, they don’t overpower the pros of the album.

Overall this album is very entertaining and will definitely do the job for someone looking to change up their usual mix of bands. Old fans of Daft Punk seem to really love it, and “Random Access Memories” will easily prove to attract new fans of all genres. Despite the few cons of the album, “Random Access Memories” will achieve its anticipated goal of relaxing yet energizing feel. There are many notable songs on the album ringing of catchy vocals of all kinds, backed by funky guitar and bass synced with drums that rock a dance beat to go with it. Definitely check this album out if you are someone looking for something new!

Rating: 8/10