After just about two years, Circa Survive’s newest self-released and self-produced album “Violent Waves” hit the shelves Tuesday, August 28th. They decided to fly solo for album number four, which isn’t too surprising, and they really flew with it. The album is literally a fantastic fusing of their former three albums, “Juturna”, “On Letting Go”, and “Blue Sky Noise”. The new 11-track album gives you just about an hour of Circa Survive at it’s finest. The first seven minutes, a song titled “Birth Of The Economic Hitman” is nostalgia for hardcore “Juturna” fans (like myself). Playing with progression, softness, atmospheres, and stretching frontman Anthony Green’s vocals to it’s limits, the album has done nothing but amplify Circa’s distinct feel.

Don’t be fooled by the first track, however, because the second, “Sharp Practice”, takes a different turn, craftily adding in some funk-like sounds and an upbeat chorus. A noteable track, and one of my favorites from the album, is “The Lottery.” With a more upbeat intro, the track still successfully creates an almost hypnotic flow of both Anthony Green’s and Geoff Rickly’s voices (from former band Thursday, which ended in late 2011). Overall, the album itself gives the diversity and intensity that Circa Survive fans would expect, mixed with their familiarly tasteful sound.


- Kim