It’s 2012 folks, marking three years since the post-hardcore outfit Broadway released their debut full length Kingdoms, and finally they’ve released their long anticipated sophomore full length  Gentlemen’s Brawl. The question remains however, does the album live up to its predecessor, and the amount of hype generated in the time waiting?

Starting off, the album already has a different style as compared to their debut. It’s definitely taken a ’poppier’ direction, while this in itself isn’t a bad thing, it may not be what fans have expected. It’s taken an upbeat sound to it, and as compared to the previous, it gives off the illusion that it’s not the same ‘heaviness’. I use that term lightly, since the last one wasn’t a heavy album in the typical sense. Those who were expecting the same as Kingdoms will find themselves disappointed, while many others will openly welcome the changes Broadway have made to their sound.

Vocally, Misha is as strong as ever, however I’ve noticed he relies a little less on hitting the higher notes in this album; instead incorporating what I’ve deemed as yell vocals, always a nice addition that adds variety to their songs. As said before, songs are mostly structured in an upbeat, radio rock structure. That in no way is an insult, but it’s a bit of a let down. As the band has described it themselves, it’s most definitely “much softer” and “more punk and rock than anything”. 

Broadway fans of Kingdoms, unless you are very open to obvious change, this album will not be for you, nor for the typical post-hardcore fan. However, if you’re open to anything, give this album a try, maybe it will suit your tastes. 

(Ps. I’d like to mention I’m not going to be including scores in my reviews anymore. If you truly want to know what I think of the album, read the actual review. Of all the reviews I’ve read, I’ve noticed that scores never match up the actual review, so do me and everyone else a favor and read the review).


AuthorJordan Mohler