Balance and Composure’s previous album “Separation” sounded like the band was taking all the right steps in the right direction. With the success of that album I can imagine it was difficult to follow up that record, but Balance and Composure did it, and have found their true identity and sound as a whole. Every moment is filled with that emotional, honest, heartbreaking driving-force of sound that Balance and Composure delivers. “The Things We Think We’re Missing” is a heavy-hearted record and with most definitely please current fans and new listeners.

In comparison to previous records, Balance and Composure have found a way to fill in each of their songs with powerful and interesting musical moments, rather than letting moments die down in songs. Choruses stand out more and are even catchier, and the overall production of the record is fantastic with most songs seamlessly flowing from one into another. The emotional drive that this band delivers is incredible. For new listeners, be prepared for Jon Simmons moving lyrics and amazingly dynamic voice. He has a one of a kind voice with unique and powerful driving music behind that voice.

Songs that stood out and kept that drive on this album were “Parachutes”, “Tiny Raindrop”, “Lost Your Head” and “When I Come Undone”. “The Things We Think We’re Missing” is a great overall improvement for Balance and Composure. Musically it is a step up from “Separation” with the consistent addition of honest and deep lyrics that Balance and Composure has always had. For fans of bands such as La Dispute, Therefore I Am, and Touche Amore. Check them out and pick up “The Things We Think We’re Missing” on September 10th.



AuthorJordan Mohler