The parties this summer on the Vans Warped Tour are going to be a to crazier with Attila on the bill, and with the release of their newest album, “About That Life”. If you’re into heavy music, highly offensive lyrics and parties, then you probably already know what Attila is all about, but in case you don’t I suggest looking them up now so you know what I’m talking about.

Right away, the first song “Middle Fingers Up” sets the mood for the entire album, with an extremely catchy hook and heavy guitars that will make anyone want to jump up n’ down with the beat. A couple songs that stand out are “About That Life” and “Hellraisers”. Attila seems to be the only band that can pull off this type of ‘party-core metal’. The members of Attila are really stinking good at writing offensive and creative lyrics, as well as heavy instrumental parts to compliment to vocals. Chris “Fronz” Fronzak once again brings back his fast scream rapping style and brutal death-metal lows to the record. From a talent standpoint, Fronz is a fantastic vocalist and he demonstrates this on the album.

His vocal structures and patterns are creative and catchy, and he mixes up his styles well. More often he seems to use his lows on most tracks, but he keeps it fairly balanced. Musically, Chris Linck and Sean Heenan (guitars) together write catchy heavy riffs that keep the whole album bouncing. Nothing on this album is drastically different from what they’ve done in the past; everything is simply heavier and catchier since their previous release “Outlawed”. Breakdowns aren’t over-abused, but most songs with start off the same way. The guitar solos in this album are few, but they are effective, cool and a nice way to mix things up.

As much as I love Attila’s live free and party mentality, I know this band definitely won’t be for everyone. The lyrics are highly offensive, and you won’t find any deep personal messages in this album. The whole album is about partying, doing whatever you want, and there’s a couple songs dissing the scene, music industry and bands in this genre. With this type of music I see it as a hit or miss with the fans. It’s “hardcore teenage kid” kind of music, which limits the bands fan outreach. Many may find this music to be predictable and that might bore listeners. If you are into this style of music then you probably listen to it for the energy and power behind it. It’s party music. To sum it up, you’re either going to love it or think it’s a joke.

I highly recommend that anyone check out this band. Fans of Emmure and Upon A Burning Body should definitely check them out, but I have a feeling that if you know those two bands, you’ll be all too familiar with the rageaholics in Attila. Check out their newest album “About That Life” which is set to release June 25th, and catch them on the Vans Warped Tour all summer.