Discovering a new band is always a pleasent experience. Of course with the obvious of hearing new music, but also with hearing some new band’s story, as portrayed with their music. Recently I stumbled upon the band Alta, a rather unique band from Milwaukee, WI. They’re newcomers however, with an EP entitled This Space Will Accommodate Canvas, and also being featured on a compilation CD and a split tape with the band Arizon Wilder. Alta have just recently come out with a new album this year, titled Places. The question is, is it able to stand on its own two feet amongst an ever saturated era of music?

To describe their music, I wouldn’t in any way shape or form place them under any single one genre. Maybe experimental post-hardcore with post-rock and math influences, possibly even screamo. These influences are definitely reflected in their music, giving me personally an At The Drive In vibe. Their music consists of catchy yet complex sounding riffs, which can already be heard on their first track Winter/Mute.  Accompanying this are an excellent sounding bass, filling drum patterns and an emotionally raw and powerful vocalist. Their vocalist is something to focus on on this album. Incorporating a method of yell screaming, and just emitting raw emotion in the words he sings, or rather yells. Their lyrics also carry this same emotional feeling. 

The post-rock influences are a strong driving force on this album, most present on tracks such as Merry New Year, and +-, but still giving the rest of their songs a unique taste, with songs such as Dakota, Winter/Mute, and Sorting Rooms giving off an energetic sound, something that would seemingly be nice to mosh out to at live shows. My personal favorite from the track being Dakota.

The downsides to the record are minor, mainly the issue that the vocalist doesn’t really change his singing style at all, and each track takes on the illusion of sounding a bit too similar, when they clearly don’t. However his style of singing is definitely not something that is heard in many bands at all, and that is a driving force to this album. Over this is a wonderful album, one that I greatly enjoyed and I recommend everyone give it a listen. Just remember, it never hurts discovering new bands and giving them the recognition they deserve.
- Christian
AuthorJordan Mohler