Montreal’s RAGE NUCLEAIRE have signed to Season of Mist. The band will release their debut album entitled “Unrelenting F*cking Hatred” in the fall. RAGE NUCLEAIRE was formed by legendary vocalist Lord Worm (ex-CRYPTOPSY) and includes guitarist Dark Rage (ex- CRYPTOPSY) and bassist Alvater (ex – FROZEN SHADOWS) in it’s ranks.

The band issued the following statement: “If anyone had ever told us that someday we’d be signed to Season of Mist, we’d have laughed at them. The point is, being accepted into the SoM family, along with such ungodly notables as ARCKANUM, MAYHEM and DEATHSPELL OMEGA, is like being given a Sith name - it feels great to be part of SoM’s evil empire.”

AuthorJordan Mohler