Just because you worship at the altar of Pierce The Veil or Woe, Is Me doesn’t mean you can’t secretly enjoy Katy Perry's lighthearted romp through bubble-gum flavored ’80s nostalgia or Ke$ha's endless commitment to glitter. Or AutoTune. Come on. You KNOW you bump Britney in the car. Which is why we're stoked to announce the official tracklist for Punk Goes Pop Volume 4, the fourth installation of our all-time favorite compilation album wherein some of our favorite punk bands cover some of our favorite pop songs.

Punk Goes Pop Volume 4 features the unlikely makeover of monster hits like Wiz Khalifa's “Roll Up” and Nicki Minaj's unstoppably hypnotic Super Bass,” plus, adorably, Taylor Swift's lilting “You Belong With Me” and Adele's haunting contralto torch song by hardcore acts like For All Those Sleeping and Sleeping With Sirens. For those who like their country-crossover pop with a heavy dose of power chords and screamo.

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AuthorJordan Mohler