Since Poney (m/o Romero, The Dead Hookers) released “Seamyth” and toured the US in 2011, burning a trail of shock and awe across the Northwest, they”ve been writing and recording a series of new sessions. In August, the band will be releasing two cassette tapes in limited quantities. One is a tape version of the new Octavius / Melt Trip single, and will come on 50 red see-through cassettes with correlated, hand screened posters. Those songs are the first of a new LP, titled Rorschach, which is already completed and will be released in mid-Autumn. The other tape cassette is a remastered re-release of our first two albums, “The Explosion Years: 2010-2015” and ”four song EP,” pressed onto 100 solid orange cassettes.

Next month Poney will be going out East to tour in support of these releases. I’ve included dates below. They’ll be sharing the road with their good friends Morality Crisis (Minneapolis,) an upcoming act in the twin cities. Morality Crisis has just released a new EP titled “North” that is very heavy and very artful, and they put on an incredible live show. 

Finally, in September Poney will release the Octavius / Melt Trip 7”. The band’s first 7” will come on marbled multicolored vinyl with hand screened, recycled card sleeves. Much care and passion were put into the production of this record-single, and we couldn’t be more excited to release it. 

So that’s it: East Coast tour and three physical releases in the span of a month. If there’s anything else you’d like from me, please feel free to hit me back and let me know. 


Aug. 11- Winona, MN 
Aug. 12- Springfield, IL
Aug. 13- Indianapolis, IN 
Aug. 14- Cleveland, OH 
Aug. 15- Jamestown, NY
Aug. 16- Albany, NY
Aug. 17- Haverhill, MA
Aug. 18- Brooklyn, NY
Aug. 19- Philadelphia, PA
Aug. 20- Baltimore, MD
Aug. 21- Pittsburgh, PA 
Aug. 22- Colombus, OH
Aug. 23- Carbondale, IL
Aug. 24- Chicago, IL
Aug. 25- Madison, WI

The new Poney single, “Octavius / Melt Trip,” is already available online for purchase in any format, or streaming for free at
AuthorJordan Mohler