OTEP’s final album Hydra is out today, January 22nd and is already climbing the iTunes charts; currently at #8 on the Rock Chart and #78 on the Overall Chart. Hydra takes listeners on a fantastical, demonic ride through the mind of a girl who has been cast aside, set on vengeance against the world that has forgotten her. Seducing your ears with every aspect of the vocal spectrum, the artist, activist and poet will put you in a trance, creating a theater of the mind the likes of which you have never imagined before.

With a sound all her own, OTEP has been terrorizing the metal scene for years with a mixture of unforgiving heavy sounds and beautifully haunting spoken words resulting in over 600,000 albums sold to date. Utilizing her unrivaled songwriting ability, OTEP has powered through taboo topics such as politics, sex, animal rights, equal rights, bigotry and hatred in previous releases. Playing for fans across the globe, she has been preaching a venomous, metal-infused gospel for well over a decade.

AuthorJordan Mohler