Hey everyone!

            We’ve got a couple of big announcements we’re glad we finally get to share! First and most importantly, we’re very excited to announce we’ll be heading to Europe in March 2012!  It’s honestly a dream come true for all of us and we can’t wait. Stay tuned for exact dates and details at www.facebook.com/onmyhonor and here are the dates we have so far!

01.03        GER           DO  

02.03        GER           FR   

03.03        GER           SA    Olbernhau 

04.03        GER           SO    Zittau

05.03        POL           MO 

06.03        POL           TUE

07.03        CZE            MI   

08.03        AUT           DO   Wien

09.03        HUN          FR    Budapest

10.03        HUN          SA    Gyor

11.03        HUN          SO   

12.03        SBR           MO 

13.03        CRO           DI     Zagreb

14.03        SLO           MI    Valenje

15.03        ITA            DO   Triest

16.03        ITA            FR    Civita Nova Marche

17.03        ITA            SA    Neapel

18.03        ITA            SO    Rome

19.03        ITA            MO  Milano

20.03        FRA           DI     Lyon

21.03        FRA           MI    Toulouse

22.03        SPA           DO   Barcelona

23.03        FRA           FR    Bordeaux

24.03        FRA           SA    Paris

25.03        UK             SO   

26.03        UK             MO 

27.03        UK             DI    

28.03        UK             MI   

29.03        UK             DO  

30.03        BEL            FR   

31.03        GER           SA   

            Secondly, we’ve had a lot of requests to do this and we’re happy to say that we’re going to be releasing “Nature & Nurture” on vinyl with a bunch of extras!  The first pressing will be limited to 300 in two colors (100 gold transparent and 200 green transparent) and will feature bonus acoustic versions of “Under Yellow Lights,” “You Always Wreck Closest to Home,” and “The Footholds” that we recorded in our own home.  Pre-orders went up December 4th at the Little Heart Records store (www.littleheartrecords.bigcartel.com ) and there are a few different package options to choose from!

 In addition to an option for an exclusive limited shirt design, every pre-order will receive a handwritten thank you note from a band member, a digital download of the bonus track “Pillow Fights,” and a digital download of the entire “Nature & Nurture” EP.  Going to Europe is going to be extremely expensive and thanks to Little Heart Records, every dime we make off the vinyl release goes directly to helping us with plane tickets, work visas, and all the other stuff we need to make all this great stuff happen. So, if you care about our band and want to help, please consider purchasing one of the vinyl packages. We’ll also be doing a series of vinyl release shows throughout the month of February as well so please check out these dates and hang out with us:

February 3rd-                                Athens GA
February 4th-                                Atlanta GA
February 10th-                              Knoxville TN
February 11th-                              Raleigh NC
February 17th-                              Cincinnati OH
February 18th-                              Whitesburg KY
February 19th-                              Lousville KY

February 24th-                              Memphis TN
February 25th-                              Nashville TN

Lastly, we’ve never been more excited about a new year coming up and we’d like to thank everyone who’s supported us so far, we’re very grateful.

Lucas, Drew, David, Jordan and Trey
On My Honor

AuthorJordan Mohler