No Sleep Records’ founder/president Chris Hansen and partner Madison Parry have created a new apparel company called Cultus.  Launching December 1st, the clothing line will feature a selection of shirts, hoodies and crew necks for men and women that will be designed by Hansen, Parry and various friends including graphic artist Tyler Guidry.

 “Cultus Brand started as an idea, and kind of just evolved from there,” says Parry.  “It feels as though it happened overnight. We decided if we are going do this clothing line, we were going to dive in, and give it our all. And that’s just what we have been doing. We are very dedicated to this project, and are extremely passionate about what we are creating here. We want to create clothes we want to wear, our friends would wear, and people will love. We have so many ideas, and are so lucky to work with some really amazing, and talented people. There is a lot more to come from Cultus, this is just the beginning.”
AuthorJordan Mohler