After announcing the band would be taking a break and bass player Jack Sakrals’ departure in August, fans seriously doubted if Memoir of a Massacre would really make a return. Heads began to lift in October, when the band announced plans to head into the studio with Anthem Studio for a 2013 release along with upcoming shows. The bands announced that while there was no name for the EP, recent crowd favorite ‘Possession’ would be the single for the EP. Since its release, ‘Possession’ has been well-received by many for it’s in your face attitude and genre-blending.

As of November 30, Memoir of a Massacre announced its signing to Project: Records, promoting the coming release of the now-named ‘Images’ EP, set for January release. While they have announced that another fan-favorite, ‘Push To Break’ will be on the EP, they are keeping quiet about other possible tracks saying that the EP is looking to combine both musical extremities of Memoir of a Massacre. Jordan Swickard of Project: Records says that ‘Possession’ will be available for download as of December 12, 2012, as will the rest of the EP upon release. Fans will be able to find MOAM at digital download sources such as Itunes, Amazon, and 398 other stores.

“It’s been a rough ride, but we plan on returning stronger than ever before,” says drummer Brittany Yarnell. “We’re still in a bit of a strangle-hold for a bass player, but rest-assured, we’ll have everything up and running again in no time!”


To celebrate our signing to Project: Records, we would like to share Project: Records release of ‘Possession’ of the coming “Images” EP:


AuthorJordan Mohler