Today, Max Bemis has opened the doors of Song Shop for the first time since 2011. For the past four or five years, Max has written over 2000 personalized songs for fans of Say Anything and his other projects. Song Shop has gone from being a weird idea in Max’s troubled brain to a successful and oddly respectable creative enterprise of its own right. The songs have deeply resonated with buyers and reactions have been quite over the top, as the songs continue to improve with each wave, even attracting many repeat buyers.

Song Shop is a very simple process where a listener buys a song for either $75 or $150 (for a shorter or longer song, respectively) through the Song Shop site and PayPal. They are given 1000 characters to write about or describe anything at all: a situation, relationship, set of thoughts and feelings, event, or loved one. Wherever one’s imagination takes you, the song can follow. Max takes the description and turns it into a full on, acoustic Say Anything song, which you can download from the Song Shop site once it’s ready. Each song is written and released just for that buyer and there is no prescribed formula for how they are written.

Max does the songs in the order received as fast as humanly possible (some people get the song in a matter of hours, some in a few months) and since Song Shop has been running strong for so long, there’s a very efficient system in place to make sure everyone eventually receives their very own song.

In addition, before the next Song Shop opening, Max will call every person who bought a song to thank them for being involved. There are even bundle options available for buying your own EP or full album of songs (it’s 10% off for four or more songs).

For any and all info, or to buy your own song, visit
Songs tend to sell out within the first few days to few weeks, so it’s recommended to get on it quick-like!

AuthorJordan Mohler