Before joining Another Hero Dies as their last vocalist before breaking up, Egor Erushin was the main driving force behind Prague’s post-hardcore outfit Marina. When Another Hero Dies started to fall apart, Egor had a choice as he explains, “After everyone in Another Hero Dies decided to go their own ways; I got offers from another bands, but I realized it was just the best option to go back to Marina. It came down to I would rather try to push my own band that I started almost 5 years ago and put a lot of effort into as opposed to joining another already established band.”
With Egor back into the fold, Marina is finally nearing the completion of their record entitled The Downpour. The record, which has been three years in the making, is currently in the final stages of the production process. Egor commented on the album by saying, “We’ve been working on this album for almost 3 years now, and you can hear everything just fits together perfectly. Everything is in its place for a reason as we had plenty of time to record, re-record, mix, and remix everything until it sounded exactly how we wanted it to sound.” After supporting A Lot Like Birds on part of their European tour in February, Marina will be supporting The Devil Wears Prada on part of their stint in June. The band will then tour constantly throughout the summer before trying to hit the states this fall and winter. 

1. North Polar Sequence
2. In Mortal Peril
3. Cold Case
4. Sign In Stars
5. Ah, My Fandorin
6. Blessing Of Serenity
7. Anchor The Solin Ground
8. Seconds Of Hesitation
9. Promised Lands
10. Means To An End

AuthorJordan Mohler