Colombian musician Lozk release the eagerly anticipated debut album Irrational today via Zube RecordsIrrational is now available via iTunes and Lozk Soundcloud page.

As precursor of Irrational, Lozk released the video Twilight Run, available on the Zube channel. Described by Headphonaught’s Nanolog as “ mostly instrumental in nature with a densely atmospheric and rather apocalyptic post-industrial vibe to it”, Irrational is the perfect blend on post-industrial, electronica, soundtrack music and ambient tunes.

His music draws from the irrational heritage of both music and literature, exploring the multifarious uses of sound and language. Among his references, Lozk states Amon Tobin, Nine Inch Nails, Warren Suicide and Bonobo.

AuthorJordan Mohler