British rock trio Leogun has partnered with Yamaha Entertainment Group to release their self-titled debut EP on October 16. The 4-song EP comes in advance of a full-length album due in early 2013 and marks the first-ever release on Yamaha’s newly launched record label.

MTV has premiered the music video for the band’s first single “Let’s Be Friends,” which you can check out here: Similarly, MSN Music’s Reverb blog proclaims “sometimes it’s just a good, cleansing blast for the ears to hear some straight-up rock,” saying that the song “could be a Led Zeppelin outtake.”

 Feel free to stream & share “Let’s Be Friends” online:

 The collaboration between Leogun and Yamaha came in part through the latter’s two-decade relationship with Elton John, whose management company (Rocket Entertainment Group) also works with Leogun. In early 2012, Yamaha Entertainment Group’s founder Chris Gero heard the band and immediately signed them as the flagship act for the label. “It’s brilliant,” enthuses front-man Tommy Smith. “Everything is so fresh. The label is just as excited as we are. We’re not just another artist at the bottom of a massively long list on a giant roster. We’re their first signing, and they’ve got as much vested in us as we do in them. We’re all moving in the same direction. It’s like being part of a crew on a ship.”

Gero and Grammy Award-winning engineer Bryan Lennox brought the band to the iconic Blackbird Studios in Nashville where everyone from Kings of Leon to The White Stripes have recorded. Instead of using digital tools such as Pro Tools, they recorded straight to analog, distilling gritty rock, swaggering blues, and haunting soul into anthemic and artful songs.

Leogun is guitarist/vocalist Tommy Smith, bassist Matt Johnson and drummer Mike Lloyd.

You can grab the new Leogun single “Let’s Be Friends” right now on iTunes.

AuthorJordan Mohler