This past Sunday at the Portland, OR stop, the tour announced that all Dad’s could get in free in honor of Father’s Day. The program, which allows one parent a complimentary ticket into the festival if they are accompanying a paid ticket was an immediate hit and tour founder, Kevin Lyman, a Dad himself, has decided it will continue for the rest of the 2013 run so all Warped fans under 18 can attend without hassle. *Patrons can pick up the ticket at the Vans tent out front.

 ”We’ve been noticing on our boards lots of fans without transportation,” explains tour founder Kevin Lyman. “We decided everyday for 2013 should be Mother’s and Father’s day, so we will celebrate by giving any parent who is bringing someone to the Warped Tour a ticket to enjoy the fun.”

The program is also an extension of the Reverse Daycare tent. Located inside the vendor village on the Warped festival grounds, theReverse Daycare is a special enclosed oasis—with air-conditioning and movies and cold-beverages—where festival goers can drop-off their parents. This year, organizers have expanded the Reverse Daycare tent which continues to grow every year.

Additionally, those looking for a green way to attend Warped can check out Rock & Bus which provides round trip shuttles to venues. Some venues have shuttles that are dedicated to Warped shows. Check the venue website for more information on easy public transportation routes and venue shuttles for specific Warped shows.

Check out the WARPED 101 section  which contains more information:

AuthorJordan Mohler