KALININ PROSPEKT released an exclusive teaser trailer via YouTube today in support of their forthcoming ‘Rekonstrukt’ EP set for release 02.27.13.

KALININ PROSPEKT, a heavy-hitting, Industrial/Alternative group, was founded in 2005 by former WAR MACHINE frontman, Dana Presson. At its inception, Dana discussed teaming with Jared Louche [CHEMLAB] who had expressed his interest in completing vocal and lyrical content for the material. However, in 2007, KALININ PROSPEKT went on hiatus due to other contractual obligations.

In 2012, KALININ PROSPEKT entered an undisclosed recording studio in Tampa Bay, FL. Two of the original eighteen KALININ PROSPEKT track recordings survived the latest cut and will appear on the EP.’ On 12/19/2012, Dana said, “I’ve reach out to Jared [CHEMLAB] to see if he would still be interested in throwing down on a track or two, or more. We’ll see what happens.” He also mentioned, “A U.S. tour is in the planning stages and we’re working on logistics for a European tour.”

Known for what has been called his ‘Don King Bravado’ of promotion, Dana secured a sponsorship from SCHECTER GUITAR RESEARCH and utilized a Prototype Ultra-III electric guitar strung with his custom DR HANDMADE STRINGS while tracking the ‘Rekonstrukt’ EP. He has stated that the guitar and strings “…were paramount in setting the tone of the record.”

KALININ PROSPEKT is now on all major social networking sites. ‘Rekonstrukt’ available February 27, 2013.

Their Teaser Trailer can be viewed here: http://youtu.be/TMStvO9QBoI 

AuthorJordan Mohler