Thomas, the guitarist of Stray From The Path (one of the best hardcore bands on the scene) talked with Kill The Music to discuss their new music video, his view on the current music scene, and his thoughts on Warped Tour.

You guys just filmed a music video; any hints as to what song it is? Is it one of the three songs with guest vocalists?

Tom: It is one of the 3 songs on the record that has a guest appearance, and yes they will be in the video. That’s all I’ll say!

What is your opinion on the current state of the music scene?

That’s a difficult question. I usually judge it by “am I mad all the time or stoked?” lately I’m stoked. This week alone lots of great records coming out, lots of great tour packages together and I didn’t re-new my alternative press subscription, so I’m not as angry. A lot of people have bought our new record, more than we expected, so I’m stoked on music and the people.

Growing up, how was the scene back home in Long Island?

Growing Up? Phenomenal. Local bands would sell out shows, and the bands were so good. Any tours that came into town were in small clubs….I saw Norma Jean, Bleeding Through and Every Time I Die in a fucking garage. I saw American Nightmare and Poison the Well in a cafe! Shit ruled…but it is coming back, for awhile long island was AWFUL, but now it’s really great.

Would you guys play Warped Tour if you got offered a spot even though you’d be out of your element surrounded by bands like the ones in iMember?

We are trying very hard to get Warped Tour. The kids that like these bands, like them because the scene that they know are the Warped Tour bands. We want to infiltrate and show kids that there is more out there than characters, gimmicks and Black Veil Brides. Our element is where the people are, we want to tour with everything, from underoath to terror, we have no restrictions, just as long as we feel we have a purpose on the stage.

Who are a few bands that you feel everyone should be listening and/or not listening to right now? Like say, the bands you call out in iMember…

Should be? Structures new record is amazing, Counterparts new record is amazing, Backtrack, Close your Eyes, Sights and Sounds, The Contortionist.

Shouldn’t? Do I have enough space? there is a fine line between calling out and shit talking…and shit talking is juvenile….so I’ll leave it at that. You know the bands that suck, fake, weak, full of gimmicks, characters…it’s endless. But one thing we want to avoid is judging the people that actually enjoy that music. We aren’t elitists, and it would make us dick suckers to make fun of someone because of what they listen too. We just want to open their eyes and ears and show them our opinion that they are being deceived, lied to, and in a sense…stolen from. A lot of our fans listen to Asking Alexandria or Attack Attack just as much as Deftones or terror….last thing we want is to make them feel like we are making fun of them. 

Is iMember aimed at any bands on your record label? (Sumerian)

The song was not aimed at anybody specific…not even Attack Attack. We used that clip because it is evidence that these people in these bands don’t have a single clue of what this scene is about. The bands are everywhere .

I think this would make a great tour: The Chariot, Stray From The Path, The Ghost Inside, Cancer Bats, and Your Demise. What do you think of it?
We have toured with all those bands except YD. Would be a fantastic time for sure. 

Speaking of which; I read somewhere that you’re doing a US Tour with Norma Jean, Lower Than Atlantis, and Close Your Eyes. Can you confirm or deny this and give us a timeline of when this tour takes place if it’s actually happening.

Yep and Oh Sleeper; this winter. 

What’s the top five most well received songs generally when playing a show?

Damien, Negative and Violent, Fraudulent, Rising Sun, Mad Girl. 

In your opinion, which is the best run venues from a production and band point of view?

Great question; there is The 7 Venue in Douglasville, GA….great venue, great staff…not the best sound, but it’s coming around for sure. The Loft in Poughkeepsiee, NY, and Kingdom (formerly Alley Katz) in Richmond, VA. Those come off the top of my head. 

Last question; pick two songs; one from your catalog, that you want new fans to check out after reading this interview. And one song from any band/genre.

I would say…. Damien or Bring It Back To The Streets. Those are my personal two favorites off Make Your Own History and Rising Sun, and from any band; Be Quiet and Drive from the Deftones. Put on a good pair of headphones and turn the song up as loud as it can go, and enjoy. One of my favorite musical experiences.