If you like Parkway Drive, you have Michael Crafter to thank for discovering them. After I Killed The Prom Queen went on hiatus (and now back together), Crafter formed Confession. We discussed his UFC/MMA background, brutal reviews, and his clothing label, Mistake Clothing.

State your name and position in the band.

Michael: Michael Crafter, I sing and generally boss everyone around.

What are some of your music influences and how involved in music were you growing up?

blink-182, Pennywise and a bunch of local stuff in Adelaide mainly.

How did you break into doing music; what made you turn it into more than a hobby?

Just did a band and things just happened. I didn’t wake up one day and go, “hey I’m going to tour the world or whatever.” Things just happened and kept happening. I don’t think anyone has a grand plan to make it big in a band or do well. I think it either happens or doesn’t.

How was the music scene back home in Australia?

Depends what you call scene. There’s the hardcore scene that’s small and then their is the stadium metalcore scene haha. Both seem to be doing pretty good. 

Where do you view Confession’s role in the worldwide hardcore scene?

We ain’t Madball, Agnostic Front and so on who have a role in what the scene is today. We are just another band playing heavy music; what we play isn’t hardcore. It’s metalcore, mosh metal and whatever else. But hardcore is more like band’s who love hardcore sing about it etc. Like Terror is the biggest hardcore band in the last 10 years; we ain’t that kinda band, we don’t sing about that kinda stuff.

What’s the current status of your clothing company, Mistake Clothing? Are we going to see any new designs anytime soon?

There’s some new stuff on its way; no real status of it. Just ticks over.

Who are a few bands that you feel everyone should be listening and/or not listening to right now? I know you like to jokingly “brutal review” bands on Twitter.

Honestly, I cant say this band or that band cause there’s so many band’s killing it right now. I don’t listen to much heavy shit at all. If any. So my opinion is pretty pointless haha. My iPod is usually on shuffle between Parkway Drive, Eminem, The Game, ADTR, blink 182 and Bury Your Dead.

Speaking of brutal reviews; is true you’re doing a podcast for it?

Maybe or a radio show; haven’t worked it out as yet.

What were you first reactions to I Killed The Prom Queen getting back together?

It’s been years since I was in the band and good luck to those dudes with what they do with IKTPQ. I’ve been asked this heaps and there isn’t a real answer I can give.

If you could change something about the music industry, what would it be?

Most people in it suck. Band’s get egos after pulling 10 payers, people see that and try capitalize on it. Music is fun it shouldn’t be about cash and shit so much.Do a band and play shows to ya mates.. That’s what it still is about for me.

I think this would make a great tour: Parkway Drive, I Killed The Prom Queen, Confession, The Amity Affliction, and 50 Lions. They could call it the Thunder From Down Under tour. What do you think of it? 

That tour would never happen hahahaha.

Speaking of tours; any plans to come to the USA soon? If so, could you tell us who you would be touring with?

Couldn’t tell you yes or no cause we have no plans at this time. 

What’s one band that you’d recommend to anyone that listens to Confession?

Bury your Dead and Parkway Drive

How did you get involved in the UFC/MMA? Is it something you would do full-time if you weren’t in a band?

We all love fighting sports, we watch it and train different things. I’ve done Muay Thai/kickboxing for years off and on. I just like training; I dont care enough for it to do it for real and get up early to train etc for fights. I like sleeping in haha

Last question; pick two songs; one from your catalog, that you want new fans to check out after reading this interview. And one song from any band/genre.

From my band - The Long Way Home and blink-182 - Dammit is the best song ever.