Every Time I Die are keeping busy these days; they put out a new record, Ex-Lives (which sold nearly 14,300 copies in its first week, landing them at #20 on the Billboard 200) finished up a headliner with Stray From The Path, and now are direct support for The Devil Wears Prada. I had the chance to chat with Andy about their new video, Revival Mode, Warped Tour and his opinion on the current music scene.

You just put out a video for Revival Mode; was the guy in the wheelchair inspired by Breaking Bad or is there another story behind the video?

To be honest, I have no idea. This dude hit us up and wanted to do a video where Keith, Jordan and legs were killers and Steve and I were victims. That’s pretty much all I got from it.

I saw your recent interview where you defended Sonny Moore (aka Skrillex); any chance you’d ever collaborate with him?

I’m not sure. Dudes voice is cool, but I’m not a big fan of dusted. So I’d rather him sing on something, and then cut it up. He’s a good dude though

When I interviewed Tom from Stray From The Path; he told me he saw you guys playing a garage when he was growing up and now you’re touring together. It’s crazy how things come full circle.

Yeah, he was kind of blowing my mind on that tour. He’s been around a long time to. I had no clue they liked the band, I was really into Stray and then we played a fest in Michigan together and kind of jerked each other off there!

How does feel to be playing Warped Tour again this year? Are you gonna write a blog about generic, autotuned bands like Keith did in 2010?

I don’t think I really have to with how saturated the world is with dog shit. I’m more concerned with slaying mother fuckers sonically. I’ll probably talk shit here and there though.

Speaking of, what is your opinion on the current state of the music scene?

To be honest, there are REAL bands on the rise. letlive, Stray From The Path, The Ghost Inside, Balance and Composure, Title Fight and then the current hardcore scene is stronger than ever with bands like Cruel Hand, Bitter End, Terror, Trapped Under Ice, Alpha and Omega and such. Then metal has Black Breath, which are making metal real again, cause that scene is about as watered down as ever, but Black Breath are the real fucking deal.

What do you feel has contributed to your long career as a band? Bands like Haste The Day, Thrice, and Thursday have recently broken up, bands that had been at it for a while.

I think it’s because we never let the major label world get involved. We never gave a fuck about anything but slaying, dicing, pulverizing, and decimating ear drums. A lot of bands get caught up in bullshit business and forget about being a band of dudes.

When appealing to different sets of fan bases, new and old, young and old, what is the thought process when trying to write something that has an appeal to both, but also embodies what ETID is?

We just play. Honestly, we get up and play. No thought goes into who is coming to see us.

You’ve been in this band since 1998 — there have definitely been some hard times along the way; have you ever considered quitting the band, and if so, what things encouraged you to stick with it?

There’s been a lot of hard times, but I’m no quitter and when I have thought it might be time to hang it up, I have a great band of guys that make it easy not to. I surround myself with the best band on the planet.

The music industry has changed significantly since you guys started out. What advice would you give upcoming bands— musically and business-wise?

Just remember why you started riffing. It wasn’t to open for Metallica or make a million dollars and if it is what you’re in it for, then I hope you get electrocuted plugging your laptop and Pro-Tools rig in on stage.

Musically and lyrically, what are some of the personal things that had an effect on the outcome of this new record? How does Ex-Lives reflect the sound or message?

Coffee, I drank coffee for the first time ever while writing and recording this record.

What are some of the particular messages you tried to get across in the lyrical content of this record?

Riffer madness

Last question: What are one book and one band that you’d recommend to anyone that listens to your band?

Spray Paint The Walls. It’s a book about Black Flag that’s done by every person involved, not just Henry Rollins. Balance and Composure; they’re the best band out now.