Los Angeles’ I Call You Legion is excited to announce that their self-titled EP will be digitally released on January 8th. Speaking about the release, Kaleb Allen had this to say, “I think listeners are going to really get an Underoath vibe from the EP on some songs, while others will have a slightly thrashier feel. Either way, we think people are really going to dig what we’ve done.” The band has recently released their lead single “Our Experience, That Is, Ourselves” on YouTube that showcases that Underoath vibe while also marrying it with a Sleeping With Sirens influence. Throughout the entire release the band also shows their gritty side with influences from The Chariot, Every Time I Die, and Stray From The Path all represented.

The self-titled EP was recorded at Think Sound Studios with Drew Fulk and Kyle Odell. Kaleb Allen went on to describe the recording process, “Drew Fulk and Kyle Odell really did a fantastic job on this album for us. It was such a stress-free and professional situation. We wouldn’t have wanted to do this album anywhere else. The guys seemed really stoked to have us there and on top of that, like we said, they just did a great job capturing the essence of what we feel is ‘I Call You Legion’.” After the self-titled release, fans should be expecting a ton of shows and a new single sometime late next year.