Central Pennsylvania pop punks The Groundbreaking Ceremony are currently in the midst of a summer long stint on the annual punk rock juggernaut known as the Vans Warped Tour. The band has been splitting their time between the Kevin Says and Ernie Ball Stages, where they’re quickly winning fans over with tunes off their latest EP Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do, which is packed with some of the catchiest melodies, driven guitar work, and melodic pop punk songs found anywhere out there.

The pop punk underdogs — featuring Jonnie Baker, Scott Southlea, Nick Walters and Dirk Smith — gained the love and support of thousands of fans by turning heads with their debut EP I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better! in late 2010, which captivated listeners with its irresistible, catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics. Their EP, produced and engineered by Doug White (Gym Class Heroes, Every Time I Die), even went on to receive praise on AbsolutePunk.net which raved, “For only their debut EP, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better! is catchy, fast, and fun, embedding the best aspects of pop-punk music into this six song EP.”

Armed with endless potential, the band took their debut EP on the road, on self-booked tours throughout the northeast, and by working for the 2011 V
ans Warped Tour where they took payment in stage time all across the country, playing over a third of the tour, and selling over 6,000 copies of the EP over the course of the summer alone. 

Nothing can adequately describe a band’s dedication or commitment to their cause quite like the praise which the band received from JR Wasilewski of LESS THAN JAKE fame who in 2011 called them, “THE hardest working band on the tour. They drive themselves show to show in their airport shuttle bus, get up and walk the line where fans are waiting to get into Warped to sell their CD, then go to catering where they proceed to pack lunches and dinners for all of the stage crews and mobile workers on the tour that can’t make it to catering. They don’t get paid, oh, and they don’t play every day. That’s right. They DON’T PLAY EVERY DAY.” 

JR later went on to say, “If you see their merch booth or their name on the schedule or they come up to you while you’re waiting in line to get in, buy their CD and support these guys. They deserve it.” How’s that for a blessing from one of the band’s ska/pop punk forefathers?

The band’s hard work paid off when they were asked back to perform on the entire 2012 Warped Tour.

Known also for their enthralling live performances and intimate engagement with fans, these up-and-coming pop punkers are excited for what the future holds. Of the new EP, Baker says, “It’s so refreshing to look at what we’ve done. To see how much we’ve grown and continue to grow, as we finally after years of trying, are putting to paper some of the best material that we’ve ever written, that says exactly how we feel, and how we’ve felt,” says Baker. “Music almost seems like a commodity nowadays — so to know in our hearts that what we’re putting out there wasn’t written for us, speaks to us as musicians, and speaks to us as fans of the genre, and really bares the brunt of everything we’ve felt in our hearts — it lets us know that we’re still doing music for all of the right reasons. THAT’S the record we’re looking to put into people’s hands.”

The Groundbreaking Ceremony’s new EP Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do and debut EP I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better! are available online at all major digital music outlets.

To purchase on iTunes:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/the-groundbreaking-ceremony/id388845464

After Vans Warped Tour wraps next month, The Groundbreaking Ceremony plans to continue touring into the fall as well as begin work on their next record.


AuthorJordan Mohler