Zak Bagans, host of Travel Channel’s popular paranormal series Ghost Adventures, has joined forces with Lords of Acid’s Praga Khan for one of the most intriguing music releases ever produced, NecroFusion, due out October 23, just in time for Halloween.

Each one of the eleven tracks on NecroFusion not only tells the story of a departed soul who, for whatever reason, has not crossed over, but includes an actual audio message from the spirit – “electronic voice phenomena,” or EVP. Armed with his SB7 Spirit Box, a recording device well-known by devotees of the “Ghost Adventures” series, Bagans has encountered inhabitants of the spirit world during his paranormal investigations, reached out to communicate with and question them, and then, when a spirit chose to communicate, he recorded the spirits’ EVPs.

For NecroFusion, Bagans worked closely with Praga Khan, a legendary pioneer of post-industrial-electronic dance music. The two structured every song around a specific incident when Bagans had a ghostly encounter, and worked to have the music and lyrics reflect the tone of the spirits’ voices. Bagans wrote the lyrics and provided the earthbound spoken word/vocals for the tracks, while Khan wrote and recorded the music at his Brussels studio between mid-2011 and early summer 2012. 

“For me,” said Bagans, “spirit communication is the most powerful communication I’ve ever encountered. The most powerful messages are delivered through music, and music truly influences the way you feel, it stimulates the emotional memories of your life. With NecroFusion, we’ve blended together these two powerful forms of communication – spirit and music. And the earthbound spirits have a lot to say.”

“Spirits want to be heard, that’s why they’re not at rest.” added Bagans. “They want to be heard.”

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AuthorJordan Mohler