Fred Mascherino & Terrible Things want to put out a Book of Guitar Tabs of their songs and songs from The Color Fred.

Calling all musicians!!! Freddy Masch here. I want to show you guys every little trick I ever invented, learned at jazz school or stole from an 80’s guitar hero! I get asked alot about my techniques and tunings for different songs.

Now is your chance to see exactly how I played all of them. I’m trying to make a small number of Tablature books with every single Terrible Things song to date, as well as all the songs from "Bend to Break", the full-length I put out in 2007 as The Color Fred. In addition, I’m planning to stick in a few select riffs from my older bands too (Breaking Pangaea perhaps?). It’s going to take some work to put together, but in the name of rock ‘n roll riffage, I think it’s a super-worthy project to take on.