Fredericksburg, VA’s For The Broken is excited to announce that they are signing with Imminence Records. For The Broken guitarist Brett Duncan commented on the signing by saying, “After several hardworking months our dedication, determination, and passion for music paid off when Imminence Records offered us a contract. Words cannot express how thrilled we are to be working with the label as we both take the next step in our music careers.” Imminence Records owner Amanda Caixeta went on to say, “As a metal and pop-punk oriented label, For The Broken is a breath of fresh air to our family and we are beyond thrilled to expand our boundaries.”
With the signing announcement, also comes the announcement that the bands Andrew Baylis (Apparitions, Camisado, Honour Crest, Provoke Destroy) produced EP will be released on May 21st. Drummer Jacob Buttner had this to say about the record, “Aurora was a mix of every single part of us. We all bring so much to the table and we all have so many influences. So we found a way to take all these influences and put them all into this EP, which is just as much a part of us as we are of it. There’s so much passion in every song and it really comes out in our music. We wrote about our experiences, but we try to keep it about our fans. We want people to relate to us so we keep the subjects broad but still to the point.” The album has already spawned two singles in the forms of “Borealis” and “On Your Own

AuthorJordan Mohler