Exploding Horse is not for the weak of heart, for the simple-minded, or for anybody who does not want to totally fuck their neck up, and it does not matter the reasons behind their recent name change. Do not be thrown off by some of the titles they have given their songs – Blonde Mustache, Turbo Tommy, The Great Mechanical Pig – for these names do not dive into the music deeply enough. You have to listen to each of them and feel all the passion, rage, and disturbing similarities to ourselves to truly know where these guys come from. The Carolina’s metal scene is for sure alive and well, and the music I had lost touch with for so many years has come back into my life with the exact sound that Exploding Horse brings to my mind when thinking of where the aura of death metal had gone.

Veil Of Maya - Eclipse (2012)

Country : USA
Genre :
Quality : 320 kbps [Cd-Rip]


Note: This album was made available for FREE by the band. Related tags are bands they’ve played with.