First off, congrats on joining As Thick As Thieves; how did that come about?             

Taylor: Thank you! I was searching for a band ever since I moved back from Utah to Arizona and I found the drummer on Facebook. Their vocalist was doing singing and screaming and he wanted a second vocalist to scream so he could focus on singing. I was offered a tryout and landed the spot. I am very optimistic about the band’s future and look forward to the next coming months.

What were your parent’s reaction when you told them about joining the band?

Taylor: I haven’t told them yet.. Haha. I came to AZ in hopes of starting a musical career and I’m sure they will be happy that I’m stepping in the right direction.

What did they like about you as a musician and a person?

Taylor: As a musician, I believe that my range of vocals and the different styles I can perform appealed to them because I would be able to fit in any genre that they wanted to play. Within genres that allow harsh vocals of course. As a person, I’m really easy to get along with and I am extremely open-minded and that will help the writing process go a lot smoother.

Did you ever think your life would turn out this way?

Taylor: NOT AT ALL. I was never into music in high school and rarely ever listened to metal. And if I did it was just the radio friendly metal. It wasn’t until after high school that I started listening to heavier music and started practicing vocals. One thing led to another and I’m hoping to take this opportunity in a career path.

Do you have any reservations, if anything, about taking on this role? Is there anything in your mind that you’re concerned about?

Taylor: Not really. I just want to have fun and write the best possible music with these guys. I’m very excited for the opportunity to gain experience performing and writing and am grateful that I get to do it with THESE guys in the band.

Is there any music done at the moment?

Taylor: We have five songs written, and are writing right now. I am also in the process of learning the five songs while learning any possible new ones. It’s a lot on my plate, but I am up for the challenge.

How do you think the band is different with you in it?

Taylor: I think we are a more versatile band, vocally. Avi and I are able to collaborate now and write lyrics together, vocal parts, and stretch our vocal abilities without having to worry about doing both (screams or cleans) during a live performance.

Who are a few bands that you feel everyone should be listening to right now?

Taylor: As Thick As Thieves! Haha. Come out to a show! We play the 24th at the Clubhouse! I recently started listening to A Bullet for Pretty Boy. I really liked their debut, check them out. Also The Air I Breathe. Their debut is one the best I’ve heard in a long time. Amazing band. 

If someone was to check out your “Recently Played” playlist on your iTunes, what would they find?

Taylor: Uhm, pretty much all the music that came out this year. The new Chelsea Grin record, OM&M, ABR, TDWP, WCAR… Miss May I of course. I usually just put my iPod on shuffle if I have nothing new to listen to and see what comes out of it.
Last question: pick two songs from any genre that you think people should check out.
Taylor: Salt In the Snow - The Classic Crime and The Abandoned - Memphis May Fire