According to Under The Gun, Bradley Walden (ex-Squid The Whale) has been confirmed as Emarosa’s new frontman

It is fact that in early 2012, Walden was asked to audition for the spot left open by former Emarosa vocalist Jonny Craig. He demoed a few songs, but never accepted the position. After another year of writing and touring with Squid the Whale, the crooner left the band for reasons unannounced. In his departure statement, Bradley made a light reference to an Emarosa song by saying, “The past should stay dead, I’m ready to embrace whatever the future brings.” This of course was an allusion to a popular song from Emarosa’s Relativity. 

After seeing Jonny Craig tweet about the singer taking the Emarosa position, I reached out to confirm or deny. Walden publicly denied the claim at that time, saying that “nothing [was] off the table” at that point.

Since then Emarosa has been more and more active, making it apparent that progress was being made. Progress that couldn’t be made with out a singer.

AuthorJordan Mohler