In a letter sent to the evangelical community of their hometown Colorado Springs, Colorado, the band Dethcentrik stated “we despise your brainwashing so called ‘Christian’ ideals.”The letter’s most “threatening” tone was used in the phrase: “don’t bother saying anything, we are awaiting to arise from our hate-based repression, when we deem appropriate.” In a statement from the band, they said: “That simply meant that we will decide when to expose the truth. What they have to fear most is that their religion will be expose for what it is: fake and full of hate. Evangelicals already have enough control of this town to where people are allowed to be punished by government institutions for expressing religiously-based opinions, our vocalist was forced to leave his school once for wearing a t-shirt that was offensive to Christians and being told that Jesus loved him. That’s not much of a separation of Church and state now is it?” Despite the band’s intention with the statement, they landed on a community threat list entitled “Threat Awareness in Places of Worship,” which can be found here . Dethcentrik’s latest release, Why the Innocent Die Young, is slated for release late this year.

AuthorJordan Mohler