February, 2012. (Stockholm, Sweden) - Swedish musician Dave Castaldo has now released his first EP as a solo artist called Break out of Silence. Renowned Swedish producer Per Aldeheim mixed the album, and it’s available for purchase in most digital stores.

It consists in 6 songs from which 2 are Spanish versions destined to the Latin American market. Better defined as a bass player that cares for melodies, his songs are up-tempo, full of groove, yet loaded with rock elements. Vibrant and energetic sounds accompanied by positive lyrics. 

The title refers to the period of uncertainty that musicians go through when they are in transition between projects. Dave describes it as the haunting anxiety of not knowing if one will be able to get back in the game.

I have always been a band type of guy, and now I was taken out of my comfort zone, under the spotlight to produce something on my own that I had to stand for without any safety net. It is a whole new level of exposure.”

SONG BY SONG in his own words.

All I See is Love – Is a song about love, as its title clearly anticipates. But it is also about holding a positive attitude towards life and all its challenges. Of seeing the glass half full, avoiding distractions, and not wasting our time in what is negative. Trying to find an oasis in those we love, in order to approach life in the best possible way. Those who love us will always encourage us to be happy and do what we like. Team up with those who share your vision of life, a vision of collaboration and caring about each other.


Settle Down – It talks about finding that person that turns your world upside down. A sparkle that happens and makes you feel alive for the first time. When you suddenly see a million images in one second of how your life would be with that person, and you can’t settle for any other thing in the world. You were not expecting it, you know that is “it”, and you have to make it happen.

When you Say – If there is one person who believes in you, that is all you need. That is the message of this song. When people get over opinionated about what we do, or when someone tries to break down our dreams, or stop us from going after that we love, the best thing to do is hold our head up high and try harder.

Dance to Forget – Is a song against prejudices, and my little gift to the LGBT community. It is about liberation, about never being ashamed of who you are. It is an invitation to dance, to party, to celebrate difference, and to forget the stupid barriers of prejudices that still exist in our times. But it is also about internal barriers, about not needing to hide. It is a challenge to the world outside to catch up and understand that people are who they are, and that nobody has a right to censor their feelings.


Dave is the former bass player of the band Lamont, who gained notoriety after the release of their first record The Golden Daze through Swedish P2P site The Pirate Bay in 2007. Resulting in 100.000 downloads in the first 24 hrs. and half a million by the end of the first week. The streaming of their video clip collapsed Voddler’s server on the night of its release.

Dave also holds a degree in music production from the prestigious Swedish institute Kulturama, and currently runs a studio in Stockholm.

AuthorJordan Mohler