We’re debuting a new feature this week; Classic Bands and Why We Love Them! Today’s feature comes from our new contributor, Morgan.

Yellowcard, a band started in 1997 in Jacksonville, Florida by the original members, Ben Dobson, Todd Clary, Sean Mackin, Ben Harper, and Longineu W. Parsons III.  The band started off as a hardcore punk band, and then later on in 2000 when Ben Dobson quit, Ben Harper asked Ryan Key who is still a member of Yellowcard was asked  to join. When Ryan Key joined the band genre changed drastically and formed into a pop punk/rock band. Ever since Ryan Key has joined Yellowcard has built a fanbase from all over the world. After going through various amounts of bassists, and guitarist Yellowcard now has a final line up which Ryan Mendez joined the band in 2005, and Josh Portman joined this year. I feel like this is and will be the future and solid line up for Yellowcard.

After four records with Ryan Key, in 2008 they went on an indefinite hiatus for 2 years and came back stronger than ever when they joined the indie label, Hopeless Records,  and then recorded an album released in 2011 called, When You’re Through Thinking Say Yes. In a little over a year they wrote and recorded an album called Southern Air which happens to the best Yellowcard record yet. Yellowcard is my favorite band because of the power in the music they have created for so long, and the heart and soul they give into when they write the music. Each member has something unique about their music abilities and I feel like that’s what influences me the most about the band. In the record, Southern Air, has the catchiest riffs and vocal patterns I have ever heard in my entire life; they definitely know how to catch the listener’s attention.

After going on a hiatus and then writing two successful records in the span of a little over a year blows my mind right out of the water, and I feel like that is the main reason why Yellowcard is and will always be my favorite band. This band has been through blood, sweat, and tears through their comeback and they deserve every amazing thing that happens to them.