This week’s “Classic Bands and Why We Love Them” contribution is from Josh Travis of Glass Cloud.

One of the most influential bands for me still to this date is a band I grew up on called Nothingface. I think I first heard these dudes back in 1998, just before they released the record: An Audio Guide To Everyday Atrocity. I remember watching them and wondering how the hell the guitarist was down stroking damn near everything he was playing…it was absurd. They played so well together, they were like a perfectly put together well oiled machine. Lyrically, sometimes it even got scary lol I seriously listen to them to this day. There’s a track on the record Pacifier called “Perfect Person”, I want to cover that song sooooo bad, but I don’t want to flip it or change it at all, and that seems to be the big thing with covers now is changing them? F that…I just want to cover this song as is…it’s so brutal to me. Then Violence???? seriously…that record is still mind blowing to me. It’s like a metal band that’s not your typical kind of metal. These dudes were killing before there were ”breakdowns”…I still take notes from their records ;)