In an interview with; Mark Hoppus reveals the band are shopping for labels and plan on recording next year

I know a lot of fans are going to be curious about the next record. How far along are you on that whole process right now?

We’re just talking to labels now. We met with a bunch of labels while we were out on tour. We’re getting offers from labels right now. We’re figuring out what the recording schedule is going to be and going from there.

I think the plan is to start recording sometime early next year, right?

Yeah, after the holidays I plan on flying out and getting into the studio with Tom and Travis and starting to hash out the next record. I’m excited.

Are you still planning on writing most of it when you’re all in the same physical location?

I hope so. I think that’s when we do our best work. When we did the Untitled album, we had some riffs and some parts here and there. Tom had some skeletons of songs, I had some skeletons of songs, but basically we wrote all together and it was really a great creative process. I want to do more of that rather than everybody going into their own corner, working on stuff, and then coming back.

AuthorJordan Mohler