Shop Radio Cast will release Angels and Airwaves’ Love Part I (2010) and Love Part II (2011) as a 4-LP vinyl set. Product is expected to ship around October 25. Both albums are double LP’s and come in their own gatefold. Both gatefolds will be housed in a full color 4/4 CMYK O Card. 

Vinyl Color: 

Love Part I- Transparent Green / Love Part II - Transparent Purple (LTD 500)
Love Part I&II - 180 Gram Black (LTD 500)
Love Part I&II - Clear with white smoke (LTD 1,00) - Hot Topic Exclusive

Track Listing

Et Ducit Mundum Per Luce         
The Flight Of Apollo      
Young London  
Epic Holiday      
The Moon-Atomic (…Fragments And Fictions)  
Clever Love       
Soul Survivor (…2012)
Letters To God, Part II
Some Origins Of Fire

Saturday Love  
My Heroine (It’s Not Over)         
Moon As My Witness    
Dry Your Eyes   
The Revelator 
One Last Thing                 
Behold A Pale Horse
All That We Are

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AuthorJordan Mohler