Philadelphia, PA’s Amanda Penecale has released her third album and first LP, Time and Tide. For this album, Penecale teamed up with producer and musician Erik Hischmann to add depth and perspective throughout all phases of the album’s conception. The release comes on the heels of Amanda securing a finalist spot at the recent Philadelphia Songwriters Project contest with her song “Hand to Hold”.

Time and Tide reveals Penecale’s ranging musical moods, all of which naturally connect in an earthy, atmospheric and dreamy way. Penecale set out to challenge herself musically on this album, drawing from deep within her psyche to make an album that strongly reflects her considerable artistic talents.

Lyrically, Time and Tide paints picture-perfect tales, finely flowing and effortlessly linked, yet it’s the music she uses to great effect to set the mood. Penecale admits that her background in illustration strongly influences her music (She holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design); she wants her songs to express the dynamic detail of the world as experienced through her senses. Time and Tide shares the feelings that come from distinct places and things familiar to Penecale’s life, as she puts it: “When creating music, I aim to give just enough punch to intrigue while always holding a little back for that pop—similar to a dash of crimson in a painting. My intention is to be in control of how the music I create effects the sense of time and place for a listener, causing them to stop and wonder along with my word and sound.”

Penecale has proven she shows her brightest side through her music: “She sings her original songs in a crystal clear voice that lacks the shyness that is often found in a lot of singer/songwriters. This is enjoyable music no matter what your preferred genre.”  -The indie Music Review

“I am always drawn to water, and I love the metaphorical aspect of a tide and how our days are framed by the cycle of the sun and the moon.” – Amanda Penecale on Time and Tide

Time and Tide is now available via Amanda’s website, iTunes, and CDbaby, as well as at Siren Records (Doylestown, PA) and Newtown Book and Record Exchange (Newtown, PA).

AuthorJordan Mohler