Today’s feature of “5 Albums That Influenced Me” comes from Sworn In. The band will release their debut record, The Death Card which will be out on August 20th.

Tyler Dennen (Vocals)

Thrice (Beggars): One of my all time favorite CDs, every single part flows together perfectly and is seamless to listen to.

Panic! At the Disco (A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out): It’s a record that you can sing from start to finish and know every line. I love that.

My Chemical Romance (Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge): Probably my all time favorite CD, it really just flawless in my opinion, and the song structure and lyric structure influence me a lot

Linkin Park (Meteora): Another CD from my childhood, the way that that band makes you feel emotionally just from the way it sounds is something I’ve always wanted to do

From First To Last (Heroine): This CD is the most disturbing cd to listen to in my opinion, It makes me feel insane and uneasy, which is what I wanted to Death Card to feel like too

Zakary Gibson (Guitar)

The Mars Volta (De-Loused In The Comatorium):
The perfect CD, every instrument works together perfectly to create huge hard hitting sections along with beautiful chorus’, the lyrics are amazing and all of the atmospheric textures makes it a trip to listen to. Basically everything good about music in one CD.
Deftones (Around The Fur):
Perfect all the way through (just like every other Deftones album), Stef’s guitar work is simply amazing, creating such hard hitting melodies while being the only guitarist is something I always try to accomplish when writing.

Glassjaw (Coloring Book):
This album speaks for itself, the best release by Glassjaw yet, it’s the perfect mold of melody, technicality, and just overall weird.

Coldplay (Parachutes):
An album I still listen to daily, the guitar work is fantastic and most of the songs on this album have a super dark vibe which I really really love.

Meshuggah (Catch 33):
A CD that’s essentially just one amazing riff over and over again, yet they still find a way to make it interesting, that’s true musicianship. Everything Meshuggah does is gold, but this is on top.

Chris George (Drums)

Klaus Nomi - Simple Man: The most amazing performer to live.

As Tall As Lions - (Self Titled): If there was a band that was an exact depiction of everything I love about music this is it. This band’s music takes you elsewhere and is a trip in itself.

Minus The Bear - Infinity Overhead: My favorite band throughout high school. This record was as if they captured the best elements of every single album they put out and put it all in one record. Another band that’s a depiction of everything right in music.

Slipknot - (self titled): A million fucking years ahead of its time. All the “heavy” bands now need to listen to this and realize low tuning and the “1-0” chord doesn’t make you heavy.

Meshuggah - all albums: I couldn’t choose one album because every single album is so vividly different and insane in it’s own way. This is another band that was years ahead of their time and knows how to make legitimate heavy music that a whole stadium could bang their heads to but musicians could spend hours trying to comprehend. Definitely my all time favorite metal band.