Today’s contribution of our 5 Albums That Influenced Me feature comes from Coastline.

1. Jimmy Eat World: We love Jimmy Eat World because they are so diverse and you never know whats coming next , they are probably the biggest influence on us as a band because that’s something we aspire to do… we all grew up listening to Clarity and Bleed American.

2. Blink 182: I think i can safely say that Enema Of The State and TOYPAJ were the soundtrack to all of our teenage years , we have all been in a band at some point that tried to covered a Blink song.. and listening back to those albums now is the most nostalgic thing ever. Good times.

3. The Get Up Kids: As far as 90’s emo bands go , one of our favorite albums is definitely The Get Up Kids “Something To Write Home About” its one of those few albums where you don’t feel the need to skip a track and is full of relatable lyrics.

4. Nirvana: I love Nirvana because Nevermind basically taught me how to play the drums , i remember my Dad playing it all the time when I was 6 or 7 years old, and trying to learn the songs on my first drum kit.. nobody plays as hard as Dave.

5. The Foo Fighters: A few of us recently saw them at the Milton Keynes bowl , they played for 2 hours plus an encore and every song was a hit..covering all grounds with songs like Monkey Wrench then  Everlong their live show is an emotional roller coaster! Probably the best live band in the world right now.